Red Dead Online Beta Update Coming February 26

Red Dead Online's next beta update will add more for players to do and more customization options for their characters.

On February 26, Red Dead Online Beta players will have a slew of new content to enjoy, with the game's first title update set to introduce new Free Roam Events, Showdown Modes, and Races. 

The game's new Free Roam Event, called Fool's Gold, is reportedly a unique twist on the spirit of the Old West. Players will compete to control a protective suit of armor made out of gold, but there's a catch: Whoever owns the suit might be protected when they're wearing it, but they'll have to fight to keep it.

While wearing the armor, players will earn points for their kills, which will only make it that much more appealing to other players as those points can be added to the attacker's totals.

For those looking for something maybe a bit less dangerous, the update will also introduce Fishing Challenges. Players can opt in to attempt the challenges, at which point they'll be supplied all the gear they need to compete. There are different types of challenges based on where the players are fishing and the supplies provided will be appropriate to the body of water.

To make things even more relaxed, fishers involved in a challenge won't have to worry about being shot.

As for Red Dead Online's new Showdown Modes, three are in the works: Up in Smoke, Soils of War, and Plunder. Unfortunately, details on these haven't been provided as of yet.

However, the update will also introduce new weapons to the game, including a high-capacity repeater rifle, and a rare shotgun. Players can also expect new clothing designed to make their characters even more unique.

There will also be a series of balances and changes, which are detailed on the Rockstar site.

To celebrate the upcoming update, Rockstar Games is holding a special Bonus XP week. All week long, players can earn 20% more XP on everything they do in the game. Rockstar also encourages players to be on the lookout for more events, giveaways, and additions while they continue to prepare Red Dead Online for the official release. 

Previously, the developer released several updates that focused on the game's economy and griefing. Other updates have introduced various modes and tweaks as well, including Gun Rush and matchmaking improvements. 

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Published Feb. 26th 2019

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