Fan Feedback is Vital to Destiny's Future DLC

Bungie takes fan feedback very seriously as they look to improve the game befroe the first DLC pack "The Dark Below" hits in December.

Destiny has evolved significantly since its release last September. Thrillingly enough players should be extremely excited that Bungie is taking in all suggestions by fans that are going to be used to improve December's DLC, “The Dark Below”, which is still diligently being worked on.

Speaking on the Guardian Radio podcast, Community Manager David “Deej” Dague revealed the company had taken on board early reactions from fans and were looking to improve future 'episodes' of the game from what they had learned.

Deej went on to say "We are putting the finishing touches on DLC, we've been working on DLC for weeks, DLC is a work-in-progress at Bungie, it is something we are pouring are hearts and minds into right now.”

He admitted that the game was heavily flawed upon its release, but if you keep up with all the patches and updates to the game you can see that both Bungie and gamers alike have been learning about what it takes to make Destiny one of the best and balanced games out to date.

As you can see with the patch history, Bungie wastes no time making critical changes to the beloved game, whether it be shutting down loot caves, nerfing weapons, or even changing the bosses in order to keep the gamers playing at the pace that they want them too.

Deej ended off saying “"We're very deliberately taking action on how the game can be stronger, or more stable, or more diverse. In the way you are all powerful.”

That quote sums it all up, your Guardians are powerful and your voice is just as powerful to Bungie.

Destiny’s first DLC “The Dark Below” is set for release sometime in December, so be aware of the changes that you might see when the DLC pack hits!

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Published Oct. 23rd 2014

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