Uplay Removing Far Cry 4 Copies From Players Accounts?

Ubisoft has been removing digital copies of Far Cry 4 from UPlay accounts.

In an odd turn of events, multiple people have reported that their purchased digital copies of Far Cry 4 have disappeared from their Uplay accounts.

On both Reddit and Ubisoft's own forum, people have mentioned this issue affecting their accounts. After further digging users have noticed that the games that were removed had been purchased from third-party digital software sellers including eBay, G2Play, and G2A.

It is currently unknown if these games will be refunded

This is a cold reminder of the state in which the purchasing of any media exists. You are never able to truly buy a game. All you ever do is simply lease the game from the publisher. They maintain all the rights to a game, and you simply pay them for the access to play it.

For example, if you are to purchase a game through Steam and you break one of their policies, they have the right to ban you, deactivation your account and locking you out of any purchased games on their service. Since you simply leased the games and never had the opportunity to buy them, they have no obligation to refund you any money you spent on games. 


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Published Jan. 26th 2015
  • Si_W
    I think you miss the point entirely.

    My understanding is that Ubisoft believe that the game keys were obtained illegally by the resellers, the issue appears to be revenue not received by Ubisoft for their product. I think that is an entirely fair stance to take.

    The only way you can defend this is if anyone can prove that those keys were obtained legally from Ubisoft.
  • billd75
    Good article! You explain software licensing rights very well. It is what made Microsoft what they are today, as Bill Gates practically invented the model of modern licensing rights when he didn't "sell" DOS to IBM, in the traditional sense, he sold them the right to "use" his software. A blunder IBM would rather forget.

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