GS Podcast: Round Table - #1 E3 Special

Join Reilly, Stephanie, Rob, John, Mike, Andrew (EGMandula), Lui, Jay, Anuedys 'NuNu' as they talk about E3 and the next-gen consoles on this weeks episode of The Gameskinny Round Table.

The first episode of the "Official" GameSkinny podcast.

Welcome to the first episode of The Gameskinny Round Table Podcast. This weeks podcast features ReillyStephanieRobJohnMike, Andrew (EGMandula), LuiJay, Anuedys 'NuNu'.

On this weeks episode we talk about:

  • Xbox One vs PS4
  • The Sony and Microsoft conferences in general
  • Game we are most excited about at E3
  • The worst of E3

I must admit that we need a bit to work on when it comes to doing the podcast but it was a lot of fun to do and we hope to bring you more in the coming weeks.

Next weeks episode will posted on the official GameSkinny podcast profile (which is yet to be made). I'll have a link to that posted soon.

You can find us on Intunes:

Published Jun. 14th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    Haha, great work everyone! I look forward to hearing the next episode :)
  • Germaximus
    I don't think it's a bad idea to buy a console for a single particular game. You know that console is going to eventually have more games you want anyways. For the first time ever I actually want to buy a console solely for The Crew. =p
    My problem is I just can't afford either new console.

    I already maintain an internet connection every 24 hours so I really don't care about that.
    I understand other people can't do that tho.

    I think the complaints about the Kinect are a little silly. To me that's basically the same thing as complaining about having to have the system powered on in order to play games on it. Whatevs, it's now a part of the console so it just simply has to be on.

    Parkour in shooter games is not very common, I think it looked totally freakin awesome in Titanfall. Brink made a big deal about it but doesn't actually offer a lot of real parkour. I love Brink though.

    I can't think of the Vita as a gimmick just because of how both Uncharted and Assassin's Creed look absolutely incredible on it.

    That's funny about The Walking Dead 400 days needing Episode 1 to get, since they gave it away free on every platform except for Steam so far. haha

    I don't buy or sell used games so that whole thing doesn't phase me. Please check out my thoughts on the price of games and my buying habits and let me know what you think at:

    Cloud gaming is my baby! I've played games on the OnLive service for over two years now and have never gotten over how awesome it is. If you are really interested in true cloud gaming (not a wannabe hybrid, but the real thing), check my post out on it:

    I don't remember Cole dying in Infamous 2.
    I don't care if he's related to the new game at all, as long as the game plays just like the previous one and even better. Also, a good story will keep me in it.
    The first son is probably the evil dude at the end of the game. =p

    lol I think of Devil May Cry as a button masher also, but it indeed offers up a combination system as well. I love games like that, that offer you the choice of pulling off more combos for more points, or just simply mashing for fun.

    Totally agree, don't need turn based combat to have strategy in a game.

    There was nothing about E3 not to like. =p

    I honestly thought what they did to the Ouya booth was freakin hilarious.

    I thought Aisha Tylor was far more enthusiastic at last years show, but she is freakin great man. Last years show is where I fell in love with her as a person. #girlwood! Hilarious.

    lol I also usually tune out when sports come up. I used to love that stuff when I was younger tho.
  • ShackAttackMike
    cheers for the awesome comment man, and in Infamous you have a good and bad ending. Depending on what ending you chose in infamous 2 you either died or lived. 60% of people chose to die for the human race so Sucker punch deiced to honor that choice and continue the story as if Cole did die.
  • Germaximus
    lol Seriously? Damn that's cool. It's been awhile since I completed it. I do remember that after I completed the game it allowed me to continue doing open world stuff.

    I think it's weird that I don't remember that though, I usually pick the super good choices in a game.
  • ShackAttackMike
    Oh well. I think I'll have a good at replaying the game just before the launch of Second son.
  • Germaximus
    haha I actually started up a new game about a month ago. I just have too many games I haven't already completed that I would rather finish first.

    Freakin love Infamous 2, still haven't played 1 but I plan to some time.

    Oh yeah did you read my article on the price of games and my buying habits? =p
  • Tankerbawlz
    I really need to not sound so monotone! >.< lol!
  • Reilly C.
    I need to get my Mic working better next time. Further from the face.
  • John Babilonia
    good stuff lol

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