Explore Together with No Man's Sky Cross-Platform Multiplayer Update

No Man's Sky cross-platform multiplayer is part of the game's debut on Xbox Game Pass.

We knew No Man's Sky was heading to Xbox Game Pass for consoles and Game Pass for Windows 10 soon, and now Hello Games provided a specific date: June 10. Coinciding with No Man's Sky's first appearance on Xbox is a new update introducing No Man's Sky cross-platform multiplayer.

That means you can play with your friends regardless of whether it's on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

The No Man's Sky cross-platform update makes it possible to build, trade, and work together to survive. And of course, that comes with updates to the friend and group systems so you can do all this with ease.

Here's how the official update describes it:

  • Cross-platform groups can be created or joined in game, or from the frontend.
  • Ambient multiplayer on the Space Anomaly, in space, or on planets, can now match you with players from any platform.
  • When face-to-face with another player, a quick interaction has been added to smoothly create a new group or invite new players to your existing group.

If you're in a group with someone who isn't on your friends list, you can interact with them the same way to add them to your list. There's also a system using "unique codes" to add new friends.

Finally, the No Man's Sky cross-platform multiplayer update re-introduces voice chat to PS4, with a number of tweaks and bug fixes to make it a smoother, better experience.

The full No Man's Sky cross-platform announcement is on the official No Man's Sky website. If you're just exploring the galaxy for the first time, make sure to check out our extensive No Man's Sky guide collection to help you live long and prosper.



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Published Jun. 10th 2020

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