Star Fox Zero debuts today for Wii U

Defend the galaxy alongside Fox McCloud and his crew in this exclusive Wii U adventure, coming April 22nd.

Fire up your Arwings for a new journey in space -- Star Fox Zero lands in stores today. 

Co-developed with Bayonetta creators Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero sees you take control of Fox McCloud, commander of Star Fox. Fight for peace in the galaxy alongside his teammates Falco, Slippy, and Peppy in this exclusive Wii U adventure.

Using his legendary Arwing, Fox can fly through sky and space shooting down his enemies in sections akin to the popular Star Fox 64. Fox can also shift his ship into different forms to tackle a variety of situations, such as the Walker for on-terrain battles from the cancelled Star Fox 2.

Using the GamePad, players can switch between a first-person view of the action, while the TV displays a more traditional third-person view. Motion controls are also supported for improved shooting accuracy and new Gyrowing flight drone sections. 

Physical copies of the game will come bundled with a digital version of the spin-off game Star Fox Guard, a tower defense strategy title starring Slippy Toad and his uncle, Grippy Toad. If you prefer your games digital, you'll receive a $4.99 discount toward Star Fox Guard on the eShop when purchasing Star Fox Zero.

Star Fox Zero debuts in Japan today, and the rest of the world tomorrow, April 22nd. First Print Editions will be available for early adopters, bundled with a physical copy of Star Fox Guard and an exclusive steelbook.

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Published Apr. 21st 2016

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