Aion 4.5 Hitting Japanese Server Next Tuesday

Aion 4.5 is hitting Japan next week, bringing a good chunk of new content with it.

Aion 4.5 is finally making its way out of South Korea, and its first stop is in Japan. This new patch brings the Aethertech class, new endgame content and gear, new character customization options, and UI updates.

The international Aion community has had their eye on the Aethertech class since its mysterious reveal last year, but was skipped over for release in the game's 4.0 and subsequent patches. The class is finally making its way to the client with 4.5, and its release in Japan is sure to be the most popular out of any region.

Along with the Aethertech are three brand new endgame instances as well as two hairstyles for both male and female characters.

There is currently no release date for Aion 4.5 in North America nor Europe, but if the half-year wait between the Korean and Western releases of 4.0 were any indication, we may be seeing this patch within the next 7 months. Fingers crossed we get the game's most unique class sooner rather than later.

(Via MMO Culture)

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Published Dec. 14th 2013

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