Kodoku: A Japanese Inspired Horror Game

Kodoku looks gruesome, morbid and strange. It has the atmosphere that does justice to the Japanese Horror genre.

Nearly a year ago, a London-based game developer by name of Carnivore released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming horror game, Kodoku.

The game is Japanese-inspired, and borrows its name from Japanese lore. Kodoku literally means "Worm Toxin," which is basically something a sorcerer would create from the juice of the last surviving insect placed inside a jar full of poisonous insects. (That's a lot to take in, I know, you can just think about it as a sort of survival of the fittest: bug version.)

The game has a unique graphic style that may not cater to everyone's taste. But as any horror lover would know, graphics aren't everything. Not much is known about the game aside from this, but judging by the video and the chosen name, it will make your brain twist and your stomach turn 360 degrees.

Kodoku seems genuinely interesting and with the developers proclaiming their love for horror, it is definitely something that I'm looking forward to.

I've placed the trailer here for anyone who wants to see it, but be warned! It's a very, VERY weird trailer.

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Published Jan. 13th 2016

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