Fortnite Brings the Love with Valentine's Update

Whether you feel happy or bitter about Valentine's Day, Epic's upcoming update for Fortnite will make sure that you at least have fun that holiday.

With the lovey-dovey-est of all holidays approaching, Fortnite has released a new Valentine's Day patch so gamers can partake of the holiday while they game, too. 

The Fortnite team promises fun new skins for the upcoming holiday, including an Adonis statue with pink pants and a punk pink bear with a cute little heart nose. 

But the most exciting feature of the new update is the addition of a new weapon: the crossbow. What better way to celebrate love than by obliterating the competition with a well-timed arrow straight to the heart (or should I say knee)?

The crossbow can be found either by ground or by chest, and the weapon has both Rare and Epic variations. 

For gamers venturing out of Battle Royale and into the Save the World game mode, they can expect a love transformation there, too -- a themed quest that is aptly named "A Love Story, told the Fortnite Way." 

Though the original update was slated for today, Epic had to push their release of the patch due to technical concerns, so the patch won't be available until February 14th. 

Until then, buy yourself a box of chocolates and be patient. 


Published Feb. 8th 2018

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