Tekken Revolution Exclusively On PS3

Tekken Revolution was not intended to be released exclusively on the PS3.

Some of you already know about the exclusive free-to-play fighter Tekken Revolutions coming out for PS3 only June 11th. The exclusivity however was not determined by any technical or functional issues, but instead because Microsoft declined Harada's request to have the game released on XBOX Live.

@dgdouglas15: how about on xbox 360? :(

Harada: Ask Microsoft yourself. I already asked them about free to play of the console last year.

Harada explained that Twitter users should address Microsoft directly with inquiries about the decision, because he himself has not received any information as to why they declined his proposition. 

The release date for North America is also a day before it is released in Asia and Europe in hopes that it would be available on both platforms. Given that Microsoft is based out of the US the early release would've paired nicely for Microsoft enthusiast more predominant in North America.

The upcoming free-to-play version of Dead or Alive is also not going to be featured on XBOX Live, so it shouldn't come as a shocker that Microsoft would refuse to shelter yet another free game in their market. With the recent growth of free-to-play content floating about, it's safe to say that at some point Microsoft will cave in an start accepting these types of games in the nearing future.


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Published Jun. 10th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    lol Free to play? wholly crap awesome. And DoA free to play?

    It has begun. =p
  • John Babilonia
    It's going to be a more popular distribution method with the introduction of the ouya and these games. so yea, it has begun!

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