ArcheAge Brings it Home at Korea Game Awards 2013

ArcheAge bags three awards at this year's Korea Game Awards event.

Did ArcheAge fall off your radar? Some feel its fallen off of Western publisher Trion Worlds' radar as well, but the game is most certainly still alive in South Korea and even took home three awards yesterday during the Korea Game Awards 2013.

Despite steadily declining player numbers and claims that the game is 'too Western', XLGAMES and its co-founder/MMO mastermind Jake Song brought home the President's Award (best game of the year). ArcheAge also won an award for the game's 'planning and scenario', and another for its visuals.

Those of you hoping for news of an international release are still out of luck, as Trion continues to keep silent on the progress of ArcheAge's localization and closed beta. Those of you intrigued by the game's sandbox elements and removal from the standard MMO fare can head to the official site and get signed up for the closed beta.

A post from a Trion employee four months ago claimed they may be heading toward closed beta 'within the next few months', but that period has come and gone. Hopefully we hear more on ArcheAge's localization sometime before the end of the year.

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Published Nov. 13th 2013

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