Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Finally Releases to PC!

No, that definitely isn't Chris's blood folks. Capcom is finally bringing Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition to PC via Steam.

It's finally here, PC horror and shooter fans. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition has come to Steam, with all the DLC our console brethren have enjoyed for what... five or so years? I guess it's good you got it to us eventually, Capcom.

Here is what Resident Evil 5's DLC entails:

  • Lost in Nightmares is a standalone prequel chapter starring Jill and Chris in a campaign styled after the original Resident Evil
  • Desperate Escape is near the end of Resident Evil 5 starring Jill and BSAA agent Josh Stone.
  • Versus allows two teams of two players to go ahead to head in combat. It still functions like the fan favorite Mercenaries mode, but with a heavy competitive twist.
  • Mercenaries Reunion adds more characters to both Versus and regular Mercenaries, including Barry Burton and Rebecca Chamberes
  • There are also four costumes to dress main protagonists Shiva and Chris Redfield up with, if you feel so inclined to make the action even sillier.

On the downside though, unlike other Steam conversions like BioShock 2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla, Capcom is not bundling the DLC in when you get the new Steam version, even if you originally owned the game via GFWL. Instead, to upgrade to Gold Edition, you need to spend $14.99 USD. Needless to say, the comments section of the announcement did not take kindly to this.

How do you feel about Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition coming to PC? Do you think Capcom waited too long? Should they be including the DLC pure gratis for anyone who bought the GFWL version? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Mar. 27th 2015

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