Secret mini-game in Super Mario Maker: Fly Swatting

Nintendo Life discovered a secret fly swatting mini-game in Super Mario Maker, themed after the SNES game, Mario Paint.

After playing some of Super Mario Maker, Nintendo Life discovered a secret mini-game that Nintendo placed in their new installment. This fly swatting discovery is an homage to the earlier Mario game, Mario Paint on the SNES.

Since the level creation is bound to get daunting to some users, discovering little secrets like this is a perfect addition to a game that could be otherwised considered casual or boring over time.

Unearthing the Flies

Nintendo Life detected the mini-game by moving a simple block which then erupted with flies, and by tapping them, unlocked the mini-game that was secretly placed. 

The secret mini-game works by using the stylus and tapping flies to swat them away. There's a specific time-limit, and a certain amount of flies to remove. Using a music choice that emulates Mario Paint, it's definitely a fitting throwback to the classic SNES game. There are up to three levels in the mini-game, resulting in a boss battle with a giant mechanical fly that replicates the Mario Paint boss. Skilled gamers from Nintendo Life were able to beat level 3.

When Nintendo Life attempted to re-play the mini-game they were unable to activate it again, even when moving the same block they had previously moved. It seems as though this mini-game can also be a random occurence, since they weren't able to find it again from the same source.

It's not a huge surprise that Nintendo placed this Easter Egg mini-game themed after Mario Paint. I expect that as more people get their hands on Super Mario Maker, more developments will be made that show how in-depth Nintendo's thought process was on creating the new Wii U game. 

Do you have plans to add this game to your Wii U library? What would you love to see as an Easter Egg? Share your opinions below.

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Published Aug. 21st 2015
  • kate.farrow
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    Mario Paint was SO AWESOME!! I loved that game!! There needs to be a remake of that for the DS...

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