Horror Games That Would Find More Success on VR

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Virtual Reality is a perfect marriage to the survival horror genre, the potential for a deeper level of immersion on an emotional level and the ability to fool the senses is increased exponentially. No longer is a creature, monster or a ghost restricted to the television screen but now you can almost feel and hear them around you -- their footsteps in the vents or the whispers in your ear.

The improvements in VR technology definitely brings more realism to the games and the ability to disrupt your already heightened senses that in kind allow you to become far more engrossed in the games surroundings. This is because our audio and visual senses are overridden by shutting out the sights and sounds of the physical space that you're in.

Now that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has already shown that a survival horror game can function both as a survival horror game on the television and a VR game.

Here, I've compiled a list of games that would find more success with Virtual Reality support.

Published Feb. 2nd 2017

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