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Psychonauts, PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox (2005)

Psychonauts is a platformer created by legendary video game designer, Tim Schafer and his studio, Double Fine. The game focuses on Raz, a young boy with powerful psychic abilities, who joins a summer camp designed for kids with similar psychic abilities. Of course, not all is what it seems at Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, when Raz discovers a mischievous plot brewing in the confines of the camp.

Psychonauts was highly praised by critics for its writing, characters, humor, and highly imaginative design specifically the varying unique themes of each level. It is often cited as one of Schaefer's more memorable creations.

So what happened?

Unfortunately, much like Schaefer's other titles, this one had a hard time finding an audience. Upon initial release, the game had sold fewer than 100,000 copies. However, in recent years, Double Fine has acquired the rights to digital distribution for the game allowing gamers to experience one of Schaefer's best quirky titles. 

Image source: Giant Bomb

Published Sep. 7th 2015

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