Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Onyx

Onyx is a precious gemstone in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you will need it for quests, and decorations. Here's how to find it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has many mining locations, and you will quickly learn that different gemstones spawn across the map. It can be challenging to know where to go to harvest a particular gemstone. Thankfully, we’ve compiled all you need to know about collecting Onyx, and how to use it. 

How to Get Onyx in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Onyx is a very rare gemstone, but not by location. Onyx can be mined from any mining rock in the Valley’s various biomes, however, it has a very limited drop rate. So if you thought you were catching a break by being able to harvest it anywhere, sorry to disappoint, but you will have to invest a decent amount of time to gather any substantial amount.

To make the most of your time mining and increase the odds of multiple Onyx drops, you should bring a Valley villager who has the Mining Role with you. To do so, approach a villager who has the Mining Role, and ask them to hang out. 

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If you don’t know which villagers have the Mining Role, don’t worry! You can head to the Collection page in your main menu, and click on the Characters tab to find out the Companion Role of each villager.

When you are on the Characters page, you will see that each Companion role is listed at the bottom as you scroll through your villagers. You will also find helpful information such as their daily favorites, and friendship level here. Select the Mining Companion with the highest friendship level to maximize your potential Onyx drops.

Once you manage to harvest the material, we highly recommend holding on to the gemstone rather than selling it at one of Goofy’s stalls for the measly 300 Star Coins — which is not quite worth the effort. Onyx will prove invaluable for questlines, and various crafting recipes, like the incredibly useful Miracle Pickaxe Polish.

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If you found this guide helpful and want to learn where to find more gemstones, visit our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides hub.

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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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