Top 4 Hearts of Iron IV Mods You Should Download Now!

Top 4 Hearts of Iron IV mods where YOU change history!

Released worldwide in June last year, Hearts of Iron IV has garnered primarily positive reviews and a loyal fanbase. If anyone knows anything about loyal fanbases, there's bound to be a lot of mods! That rings true in Steam's Workshop for Hearts of Iron IV, having more than 6,000 mods.

Mods for bug fixes, conversion mods, music mods, and many more! 

For this list, we're going to be taking a look at top 4 mods that add more to the gameplay whether it be different settings or added features. Let's start.

Hearts of Iron: New World Order

Currently a public alpha, New World Order gives a new spin to the vanilla game in enhancing internal politics of nations. It does so by implementing new laws and mechanics where leaders can change their government's recruitment laws, press laws, and women's roles in the war effort.

Despite it being in alpha with "some things left undone," as the creators put it, it looks promising in strengthening smaller nations that don't start off with a large population.


"What if Germany had won World War 1?" That's the tagline from the Kaiserreich 4 Team's mod page. Made as a recreation of Sarmatia's Hearts of Iron II and Darkest Hour, the mod creates an alternative history for Hearts of Iron IV, where Germany has won World War 1.

Though currently in alpha 0.4, it has over 100,000 subscribers. There are a lot of features for this alternate history like new events, new graphics, and new countries where you can make or remake history over and over again!

Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod

Millennium Dawn brings a twist to the base game in having it set in the year 2000 to the year 2050. Within the new era, the mod features a twelve-ideology system, new tech trees, national focuses, and new events, allowing you to rule as a benevolent leader or as a genocidal dictator.

The mod is also updated constantly by the main team, and they even share files to allow other modders to create submods, increasing the amount of gameplay and community this mod already has.

Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War

Last but not least is this mod in open beta; The Great War mod recreates the historical incidents that lead to WWII, and it does so by accurately putting in historical events, leaders and factions, and weaponry within that time period.

Pick you nation and choose whether to side with the Triple Entente or the Central Powers. Europe's fate lies in your hands.

Do you agree with this list? What's your favorite mod for Hearts of Iron IV?


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Published Jun. 13th 2017

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