343 Reveals Halo 5 ViDoc, Hunt the Truth Season 2, & Fall of Reach at Comic Con

343i gives us our first look at The Fall of Reach -The Animated Series and confirms Hunt the Truth's second season for this fall.

Following E3, 343i promised fans they had huge Halo 5 reveals planned for future conventions like Gamescom and San Diego Comic Con. Early this morning they started making good on that promise with the reveal of a Halo 5 ViDoc (the word Bungie and 343i use for a video documentary with trailers and behind the scene videos rolled into one.) It showed how important this game was to them. They are determined to make this the biggest Halo to date and the ViDoc shows they are on the right track.

Amazing as the 12-minute ViDoc was, 343i wasn't content with simply showing off campaign hints and the massive scale of Halo 5. They wanted to completely blow fans away at Comic Con - which is why they have released a trailer for the Fall of Reach animated series that will launch with Halo 5 collector's editions.

The series is produced by SEQUENCE, the Vancouver studio behind the Halo 4 and Halo 2: Anniversary terminal cinematics. They are raising the bar to new heights, bringing us the story of how the Master Chief and Blue team were molded into Spartans. It will also delve into events at the start of the human-covenant war. Lore fans will notice in the trailer an event that caused the death of the Master Chief's best friend and made him the giant super soldier we all know.

If the trailer wasn't enough to blow fans away, then 343i's second announcement is sure to get them jumping out of their seats. In September their massively popular audio series, Hunt the Truth will be returning for a second season. Leading up to the events of Halo 5, Hunt the Truth had stunningly positive responses from fans who tuned in every week for the next action-packed episode.

It will pick up where the first season left off and is set to be even more explosive. Hard-core lore fans and anyone wanting to start diving into Halo's rich expanded universe are in for a treat this fall.


Published Jul. 11th 2015

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