Riot Announces Valorant Release Date During Summer Game Fest

Riot Games reveals when we'll be able to play Valorant and talks upcoming content.

Today's Summer Game Fest presentation centered on Riot Games' Valorant. Valorant's Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Director Joe Ziegler hosted the presentation alongside Geoff Keighley. The big news was an update for Valorant's release date.

Valorant was initially planned for a Summer 2020 launch, but Riot's settled on a more exact date now: It's coming out in roughly two weeks. The new Valorant release date is June 2, 2020, and it's a global release.

Donlon said a June 2 release was actually the plan all along, though even getting the Valorant beta out seemed impossible once everything changed with COVID-19.

The Valorant launch version is building on the beta and introducing new content, including a "spicy" new agent and a new map briefly shown off in the new Valorant trailer teaser. And plenty of more content planned for the future, including a pass, weapon skins, and new game modes.

One of those new modes is planned for launch, but Donlon clarified it might not make it depending on how development unfolds. However, it'll technically be a beta mode, since it's not been tested yet.

Donlon and Ziegler weren't too forthcoming with details, but the new Valorant mode is meant to offer a shorter, less intense round you can play in between the main matches. And it's not deathmatch, Donlon said; that should come later.

As for any content after that, the two weren't comfortable sharing a tentative date for the next update, but Donlon said Valorant fans can hope for another new update sometime over the summer.

Even after launch, the Valorant team hopes to continue receiving player feedback, since Ziegler said feedback proved a tremendous help developing Valorant into something both fans and the team are happy with.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Valorant news as we get closer to the June 2 launch date. If you're just jumping onto the Summer Game Fest wagon, check out the showcases that have aired so far, including:


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Published Jun. 5th 2020

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