Free Educational Games: Zeus vs Monsters

Think video games are just about having fun and wasting time? Zeus vs Monsters is a free educational game you can use to determine a child's math weaknesses.

There are parents and educators that think free online games are just for having fun and wasting time. Playing free video games online is fun and entertaining, but it can also be educational.

Zeus vs Monsters, a new educational math game from Peaksel, allows educators free use in order to help students do better in class. This kid's video game is designed to help educators determine weaknesses in a child’s math skills.

Aleksandra Ivic of Peaksel commented,

“At Peaksel, we like to think there is more to playing games than just having fun. The reason why we keep releasing educational games is that we want to make at least a part of learning process and practice to be fun and easy for kids.”

Parents and educators can take a look at Zeus vs Monsters and play here. This game will improve a child’s math skills while letting them have fun, doing something most kids find boring.

Free educational games are a great idea more developers will likely follow in the years ahead.  There is no reason we can’t have fun and gain important skills and knowledge while playing video games.


Reading, writing and gaming are all art forms if you have a passion to learn, express yourself and have fun. Being able to make a living while doing your passions is an even greater gift.

Published Feb. 6th 2014
  • Jason Burke
    Awesome review for a great educational game. Thank you, dear friends.

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