Dota 2 - Three Spirits Update Brings Diretide, Crafting, and New Heroes

Dota 2's Three Spirits Update hits today, Diretide included.

Some of you may expect the highlight of this week's Dota 2 patch to be Diretide, but there is a lot more than the Halloween-themed game mode packed in today's update.

The official Dota 2 website updated last night with a preview look at what the today's massive Three Spirits Update will include, and it's a doozy. How big of a doozy?

  • Storm Spirit gets a visual update
  • Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit are being added to the game
  • A coaching system with several features to help new players acclimate more easily to the game via direct feedback and communication
  • Item crafting and socketing
  • Showcase view for replays
  • Three new chests
  • 'Player Items' which track tournament games of your preferred professional players
  • Several general improvements

Valve weren't exaggerating when they claimed everyone would be happy with this update! With the inclusion of Diretide, this makes the largest content patch the game has seen to date.

Look for the Three Spirits Update to hit Steam this evening, and get ready to grind some cosmetics and break them down to make more! It's going to be a fun two weeks, and a more enriched Dota 2 once all is said and done.

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Published Nov. 14th 2013

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