WoW Classic: Where to Find All WC Quests

Where to find all the quests you can take care of in WC (Wailing Caverns).

Let's talk about the quests in WoW Classic for the Wailing Caverns (WC), shall we? Specifically, how and where to get them all.

The Wailing Caverns is the second instance open to Horde players. I wouldn't say it's fun, but it's a must-run for the Horde because you get a ton of XP between the mobs inside and the quests available. It helps that the Fang gear set is great for Shamans and Druids, too (Hunters will certainly roll on them, like they can't help themselves).

Almost all of the quests for WC are found in the Barrens, with one being found in Thunder Bluff. A fair portion of these quests is available to both Horde and Alliance players, in particular, those found in Ratchet and the ones given by the NPCs hanging out in the skull above the dungeon. 

There is also an item-given quest named The Glowing Shard, which is granted by a gem you find inside the instance. This can be turned in with an NPC in Ratchet and is available to both factions as well.

Wailing Caverns Quests in the Barrens

Smart Drinks

This quest requires you to obtain Wailing Essence from the ectoplasms in the Wailing Caverns. It's very possible you'll have to run WC twice to get all the Essence, but maybe you'll get lucky!

This is available to both Alliance and Horde players and is picked up in Ratchet.

Trouble at the Docks

You don't have to actually go into the instance to complete Trouble at the Docks, but you do have to beat up a Level 18 elite Goblin in the cave leading up to WC named Mad Magglish. He'll drop his port, and you can turn in your quest.

This one is also available to both Alliance and Horde players and is picked up in Ratchet.

Hamuul Runetotem -> Leaders of the Fang

You won't be able to pick this quest up until you push through the questline requiring you to check out the oases around the Barrens.

After the Altered Beasts quest, which is the one that makes you go beat up Level 16 Snapjaws for their shells, you'll be able to pick up Hamuul Runetotem, which sends you out to Thunder Bluff.

There are a few small hiccups between the Hamuul Runetotem quest and the Leaders of the Fang quest, but it's worth the effort. The notable rewards for Leaders of the Fang are a blue staff or dagger, plus a nice chunk of reputation with Thunder Buff and 13 Silver. Ace.

The actual goal of Leaders of the Fang is to defeat all four Druids of the Fang in WC. Get to it!

Deviate Hides

Both factions can do this quest.

People have been having trouble finding the NPC (Nalpak) that gives this quest for ages, and that's understandable. He's actually above the entrance to the Wailing Caverns.

Coming from the road, run past the skull-shaped entrance to the WC and keep your eyes open for a portion of mountain you can run up. Make your way up the mountain a bit and turn back towards the entrance. You'll see what appears to be a rock, though it's really the upper portion of the entrance's skull shape.

The quest giver, Nalpak, can be found in the left eye. Be careful you don't fall down trying to get to him. Nobody wants to have to work their way back up there.

Deviate Hides drop from several mobs within the instance, so grab them as you go. The quest gives a 10-slot bag and some green leather pants, making it worth the effort.

Deviate Eradication

The quest giver for this quest is found in the same spot as Nalpak above, and both factions can take and complete this quest.

This one just asks you to slay a fair amount of Deviate mobs inside the dungeon, seven each in fact.

Wailing Caverns Quest in Thunder Bluff


This is another one you don't have to go into the instance to get done, as Serpentbloom can be found all over the caves leading up to it.

You can find the quest giver in the lower cave on the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff.


With that, we've gone over all the quests you can pick up and take with you into WC for that sweet, sweet XP. Alliance players have a fair amount of quest options for Wailing Caverns, but getting the quests and making your way into the instance is risky. Good luck out there.

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