4 games you should be playing in January

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If 2015 was one giant party for the gaming industry, this January would be its hangover. With the holiday madness over, things are slower and game releases more scarce.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Chances are you didn't get to play every fantastic game that came out this year. But before a new year's worth of releases get added to your list of things to play, take some time this month to catch up on what you missed. 

Here are 4 games you should be playing to start this year right.

Published Jan. 19th 2016
  • obliviondoll
    When half your list of games doesn't even release in the month you're associating them with, I think you did it wrong. I've owned Life is Strange for months, and been looking at (without interest) Gone Home for a long time as well.

    Why not mention Tharsis, which looks a lot like a turn-based and dice-based take on FTL? Or something like Codename: Rogue Fleet, which is a free space shooter? Tharsis takes some learning for most players, and seems to lack a bit in the way the story ends (huge build up to anticlimax), and seems pretty awesome all round. Rogue Fleet feels like an unlabeled Early Access title, but it's free and the dev's currently engaging with the community on improvements, and at least you'd be getting the release dates right.
  • Alex Chin
    Wow! Thanks for the feedback!

    Seems like you really know your stuff there, bud. That being the case, you should know this is an opinion piece and I can write about whatever I want.
  • obliviondoll
    Fair enough... just saying there's other games I think would be more appropriate to spotlight in an article with a title like that. Even though they aren't all my thing, I can't deny that they're good games you listed.
  • Mackenzie Lambert_5420
    Trying out Amplitude. So far, I'm leaning towards indifferent. Stimulus overload, mixed about the soundscape.
  • Alex Chin
    Yeah, the game's not my cup of tea. But it's another valid option if you're looking for a few hours of mindless entertainment or a fan of music and rhythm.

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