Don't worry - none of your Fallout 4 companions can die

None of your Fallout 4 companions can be killed, but is that a good thing?

So, you're walking through the wasteland with your cute little dog friend when all of the sudden some bandit decides to make his head explode. No more dog friend.

However, Bethesda has ensured that this scenario will never occur by making Dogmeat, as well as the rest of your Fallout 4 companions, completely unable to be killed. 

Instead, what will happen is likely similar to what happened to essential NPCs in other Bethesda games such as Skyrim. If your companion's health is reduced to zero, they will fall down and look injured as you progress through the rest of your fight, and then they will get back up at the end.

Todd Howard also mentioned that if Dogmeat becomes injured, the player can jam a stimpak into him, and he will rise back up and continue to help the player fight. We are not sure how the player will heal robotic companions, such as Mr. Handy, but we know that just as with Dogmeat, he cannot be killed.

While this is reassuring to some players who are deathly afraid of losing their trusted companions and saves them the trouble of reloading hundreds of save games to make their companion survive, some players feel that this will make the game too easy. There is no incentive to be more cautious to protect your friends. Companions do not feel as special if you know with certainty that they will always be there and can never be taken away.

However, at least on the PC version, players can always access the console and set an NPC to nonessential, if Bethesda follows their current trend.


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Published Sep. 23rd 2015
  • Mathenaut
    Of all things that make the game easy, it isn't companion vitality.
  • Contrabardus
    There will probably be a toggle or something in the menu. If not, a mod will do it within a week of release.

    Chances are I'll dump off my companions at the first chance I get. Hopefully I'll be able to go it solo. I usually play stealth, and companions get in the way of that. Even if not, I'd still like to be able to dump them off somewhere and pick them up as needed.
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    I only care about Dogmeat. No other companions matter! I was always pretty sure Charon was talking smack about me anyway.

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