5 Snowy Horror Games Best Played During the Holidays

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Nothing compares to the smell of freshly fallen snow. As soon as you breathe in that brisk air, it's as if the cold works its way through your system and tries to dispel any darkness within your body, leaving everything white and clean and cold.

But when freshly fallen snow is paired with the bleak setting of a horror game, everything feels gray and dirty and frozen. And isolating. There's just something about fields of snow that can make someone feel so entirely alone. Maybe that's why scary games pair so well with the winter climate. 

And if you're someone who's more of a grouch on a couch than an elf on the shelf during the holiday season, maybe horror games are more up your alley -- or, should I say, more down your chimney? 

So here are a few wintry horror games to help you through the long, dark nights of the bright and shiny holiday season -- or to suggest that maybe the holiday season could use a few more scares.

Published Dec. 17th 2017

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