5 Snowy Horror Games Best Played During the Holidays

Don't Starve

Klei's survival horror game Don't Starve is the perfect game to get comfy/cozy with this Christmas because when players aren't huddled by the fire or shaving fur off sleeping animals or slowly starving to death because food is scarce and the nights are long and every two seconds the screen cracks with ice because it's so cold, they're spending the rest of their time in the warm seasons preparing for winter. 

Yes, Don't Starve isn't set in a perpetual winter (unless you change the settings), but if you play the story mode, you can expect at least three out of five chapters to be winterized, and you can expect nothing good to happen to you, ever. 

Suppose that's what winter is all about, eh? 

And what's more, Klei even integrated beloved Christmas nightmare Krampus into Don't Starve -- so if you kill too many innocent creatures, you better watch out, you better not cry ...

Published Dec. 17th 2017

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