5 Snowy Horror Games Best Played During the Holidays

Until Dawn

But you know what? The holiday season is about spending time together, with other people, so let's step back from all these isolating horror games and take a look at one where there's a lot of people who have the capacity to die, all while surrounded by snow. 

Supermassive Game's choices-matter horror game Until Dawn pits eight teenagers on a frozen mountain against a murderer on the loose and a monster on the hunt. The teenagers have ten hours until dawn, so not only is it freezing (and one character even walks around in a towel after a bath in a house with no heat like are you serious, girl) but it's dark and dreary and nobody is happy and everything is scary. 

But the crunch of snow and the swirl of flakes and the spindly trees swaying in the breeze serve as a nice wintry reminder that at least they're all together in this frozen hell on earth. 

Published Dec. 17th 2017

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