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Splatoon 2 

Splatoon 2 has been announced to hit the Switch as the sequel to (you guessed it) Splatoon. The sequel is expected to be available this summer, packed with new weapons, fashion options, new arenas and more. 

The Splatoon Stage presentation also introduced the "Splat Duelies" and the super jump mechanic. These duel wielded weapons not only can shoot ink from each hand, but also propel you at a high rate of speed to outmaneuver opponents. The super jump allows you to instantaneously jump to a teammate after viewing the map and pressing the button assigned to that specific member.

The game can be played on the Joycon and Switch Pro controllers, with gyro aiming controls for play in addition to online and local multiplayer capabilities. Splatoon 2 can be played on a television screen as well as the Switch's handheld mode.

Splatoon 2 plans to continue continue the in-game events player got in the first game.

Published Jan. 12th 2017

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