Uncharted 4 Receives Classic Mode Beta & PS4 Pro Support

Uncharted 4's newest multiplayer patch adds PS4 Pro support and a limited time beta test playlist for Classic Mode.

One of the biggest requests that fans have asked for since the launch of Uncharted 4 is to add a Classic Mode to the multiplayer. If you are one of these people, then today is your lucky day -- Naughty Dog has heard your requests and has finally delivered.

Starting today, November 3, fans can jump in and try out the Classic Mode as part of a limited-time Beta Test Playlist that will be available until the end of the weekend. Classic Mode is essentially a back to basics mode -- similar to the multiplayer in Uncharted 2 -- that focuses more on core combat and movement. The Classic Mode will feature no in-match store, radar, mysticals, downed state or sidekicks. However, heavy weapons will continue to spawn around the map.

Naughty Dog has also announced that another variation of Classic Mode will be available during the second Beta Test weekend on November 11. 

In addition to the Classic Mode announcement, the latest 1.15.041 patch adds support for the PS4 Pro along with a list of Ranked changes and general bug fixes. If you're interested in reading the full list of patch notes, you can find them on Naughty Dog's official website.

Don't forget, if you do find any issues or want to share your feedback on the Classic Mode beta, Naughty Dog wants to hear from you via social media, forums or the upcoming Beta Test Playlist survey that will be available soon.

Are you excited to finally have a Classic Mode in Uncharted 4 multiplayer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Published Nov. 4th 2016

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