Xbox One is a Business Expense?

Can the Xbox One be used for business purposes? What could this possibly change for the gaming industry?

Since when can video game consoles be used in business, and approved for a business expense? That would be since Microsoft introduced the Xbox One. The tech specs behind the Xbox one reveal that it is Wi-Fi Direct, Skype capable, Internet Explorer using, and includes SkyDrive. These might sound familiar, because they're also found in basic laptops and PCs.

The Xbox One features abilities that can be utilized within a business enviornment, without the clunky and space consuming features of a PC. For example, business meetings over Skype would be acceptable on the Xbox One, with the addition of a Kinect. This would work marvelously for presentations. Another great feature of the Xbox One and Kinect package would be the lack of clickers. It's a hand motion and vocal system that will allow a hands-free meeting so you can focus more on the task at hand. Not to mention, with Internet Explorer, many Microsoft Office Web Apps can be opened including Excel Spreadsheet and Power Point. Why buy a projector for your pc when you can show your information on a television? 

Although this brings much controversy of how a gaming console could work in a business environment, Microsoft Xbox MVP, Marques Lyons backs the idea of the Xbox One being justified in business. "What is being positioned as an excellent entertainment device can be just as enticing for you and your small business..."

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Published Jul. 11th 2013
  • Sarah Lou
    Featured Contributor
    While I'll probably be more likely to buy a PS4 (I just don't trust Microsoft right now,) this is very smart. It'll be interesting to see where this goes in the future.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    I think its a spectacular idea, and I knew it would come to this when I saw the Xbox One reveal. They are making the Xbox One a compatible device for anything you can think of (sound familiar? *Cough* PC! *Cough). This has been my stance for a while now, Xbox is looking to the future of a "gaming console" in how it can be a "everything console". The definition of console (in this context) is: A central control panel for a mechanical, electrical, or electronic system.

    Yes this may be pissing off gamers in which case, grab a PS4.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I think what they're doing with the Xbox One is a great idea. In my opinion, they started that a bit with the Wii and the channels you could get like Youtube and Netflix, but they're really knocking it out of the park.

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