Metal Warrior, a new racing/shooter title for PC

Roman Soft is aiming to get their first title, Metal Warrior, released on Steam.

On March 24th, 2016, Roman Soft made a page for their first title -- a shooter with racing mechanics called Metal Warrior -- on Steam Greenlight in an effort to get it posted onto Steam. They've also got a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.

The premise for Metal Warrior is as follows: in June of 2017, a hybrid alien-robot race known as the Kygoryans conquered the Earth, wiping out 95% of Humanity. Humanity was thus forced to retreat underground, creating "nests" for themselves, while the Kygoryans took the surface. These human nests have no way of communicating with one another, and they need some way to exchange messages, food, and resources between nests.

But those aliens have control of the surface world. Whatever can be done?

Call in the Metal Warriors, of course.

Here's a description of the game from their Greenlight page:

"Super addictive combat racing experience!

The drivers looking for a challenge will fall for the Metal Warrior––a car racing shooting game featuring deadly enemies, powerful cars and weapons, and blending the boundaries of classic shooters with timeless racing thrills.

Drive free, choose your own path through the cities, collect items, level up, earn badges, rule leader boards, upgrade your cars and weapons."

This does seem like a pretty solid effort from Roman Soft. It'll be interesting to see what they're able to do with the concept of race cars driving around while being shot at by robots.

The concept is nothing new, the Grand Theft Auto series has had vehicle mounted weapons since its inception. But from what I can tell, the main game mode will be you selecting a car, selecting your weapon, taking to the road, picking up packages and delivering them whilst putting the hurt on robo-aliens through randomly generated levels.

The game promises a multiplayer mode, unlockable cars and weapons, armor and accessories for your car, badge collecting, and more, so I can see the game having a bit of replay value. There will also be leaderboard functionality, so a time-attack or score-attack mode is probably in the works.

If you want to have your say in this game's future on Steam, head to their Greenlight page.


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Published Mar. 27th 2016

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