Atomic Poison Ivy Roots Way Into Infinite Crisis

Atomic Poison Ivy has been announced as the newest champion in DC's upcoming MOBA, Infinite Crisis.

As if upcoming DC Universe MOBA, Infinite Crisis, didn’t look awesome enough already, today it was announced that Atomic Poison Ivy would be added to the game’s ever-expanding Champion roster. 

This definitely isn't the Poison Ivy we're familiar with. Atomic Poison Ivy exists in Infinite Crisis’s Atomic Universe, a post-apocalyptic world that features DC characters who endured a brutal nuclear war. Once the war ended, Pamela Isley woke up to find herself transformed into a terrifying human-plant hybrid and vowed to protect the earth from the humans that nearly destroyed it. 

Equipped with roots and razor-sharp thorns, Atomic Poison Ivy will be joining the likes of Wonder Woman, Shazaam and Gaslight Joker as the role of Enforcer. Her skills include a number of AOE abilities and several moves that employ her passive: Toxic Growth.

Check out Atomic Poison Ivy in action in the video below. 


Infinite Crisis is currently in closed beta, but expected to be released later this year. 

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Published Aug. 18th 2017

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