Three More Characters Revealed for Hyrule Warriors

Darunia, Ruto, and Sheik join the Hyrule Warriors cast

Just hours after teasing that a new character would be revealed soon, Nintendo chose to already reveal three new playable characters for their upcoming Hyrule Warriors project. Through the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Nintendo announced that Darunia, Princess Ruto, and Sheik would all be included on the game’s roster.

The news signals a number of things for the game. First, it disproves the theory that began at E3 that the roster would be limited to nine characters, since the number now stands at ten and promises to grow. It is also the first character reveal since Link to be included, something we have previously analyzed (Darunia was #1 on our list; congratulations to us).

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that all three characters will be coming straight from the Ocarina of Time era, which may hint that characters and information regarding other titles like Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker may be receiving their own respective reveals in the future.

The information was pulled from a low-resolution scan of the upcoming issue of Famitsu, so it’s possible that more information about this reveal could be coming soon when the issue is released.

I'm excited too, buddy.

The scan also appears to include information about new weapons for Impa and Lana. A gold Skulltula collection system appears to have made it’s way into the game as well.

The game is slated for a September 26th release date in North America and for September 19th in Europe.


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Published Jul. 23rd 2014

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