World of Warcraft: Legion player has claimed to have reached the max level

If you play the new World of Warcraft, you might want to take notes from this guy.

Players of the World of Warcraft series need to have a special kind of dedication if they want to be the best. Well, it turns out that a player of World of Warcraft: Legion, has reached max cap level in under five hours and twenty eight minutes. The unnamed player dedicated his time to exploring in World of Warcraft, and is now an impressive level 110.

The evidence for this was accomplished via live-stream on The only actual name available is the player's Twitch username, Fragnance. Eurogamer has also reported that Fragnance is still streaming the game, anxious to get his shadow priest up to level 110 as well. The character he used to reach level 110 with was the demon hunter, a newly introduced class from the last expansion pack. The name he used for the demon hunter was Sicklikeme.

Despite the game launching only yesterday, that hasn't stopped this hardcore player from reaching a high max level. Time will only tell if other players will pass him or at least catch up to him.


Published Sep. 5th 2016

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