PS3 Automatic Updates No Longer PS Plus Only in Software Update v4.50

PS3 update v4.50 includes automatic downloads & updates for all PSN users, not just PS Plus. It also supports data transfer over Wi-Fi & Ethernet and trophy privacy settings.

In a move that brings Sony on par with nearly every other digital device on the planet, the new PlayStation 3 update today will expand the console's automatic update feature to all PSN users. The ability to do this was originally restricted only to PS Plus users.

Once the PS3 firmware version 4.50 is installed, all console owners will be able to set a two hour time interval for their PS3 to turn on from standby mode to check for updates.

Automatic download support of purchases made on the Sony Entertainment Network online store will also be made available to all PlayStation Network users, so that game and content updates can be set to automatically download at a designated time.

Any purchases made in the SEN online store (via PC or on iOS or Android) before that time will automatically start downloading during that interval. The intention is to increase the convenience of making digital purchases, and to allow the player to get their games quicker so that they are able to play the minute they get home. 

Additionally, with the new update, data can now be transferred from the PS3 to PS Vita using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection without the use of a USB cable, and new options for trophy privacy settings allow users the ability to set which trophies are visible.

A few additional smaller changes in the interface are:

  • [Closed Captions Settings] has been added under Settings [Settings] > Video Settings [Video Settings]. Set [Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content] to [Off] to adjust advanced settings for the display method.
  • "PlayStation®Network" has been renamed "PSNSM".

Well... Good. Finally.

I am not a console player. I haven't been for a while, although I have a long-lasting love affair with the PS2 and have had good intentions to buy the PS3 for years. I turned PC player while others were jumping ship to the PS3, found Steam, and haven't really looked back since.

As such, I may be biased... but the only thing I felt while reading the details of this firmware update was pure incredulity: the PS4 is on the cusp of  being released... and the PS3 is only now getting some basic functionality for all players?

Goodness, Sony... do you want a cookie?

Published Oct. 2nd 2013
  • Gizmo_2738
    I suspect there will have been some housekeeping in this latest update as well, perhaps in readiness for having a house style that flows across from the PS4 to the PS3. It's also probably a subtle psychological "hey we aren't abandoning you PS3 users yet" ploy from Sony.

    Automatic updates would never have been a desirable thing to have back in the early days of the PS3 - the slow speed of updates even over ethernet from the Sony servers were notoriously bad.
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I'm almost 100% certain you're right, and reminds me of the last-ditch Left4Dead Crash campaign that they tossed in because everyone got so mad about abandonment with the upcoming release of Left4Dead 2. (Weirdest parallel to draw, I know, but I did it.)

    And automatic in a sense that you can choose the time for them to start downloading. I think especially in those early days when slow update speeds were an issue, it would have been an even more desirable feature to have, because you wouldn't have to be home for the agonizing wait.
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    I'm rather surprised that this had yet to be implemented for the PS3. Basic functionality such as wi-fi transfer from the PS3 to the Vita? That's something I thought that would have been automatically considered when the Vita first came out. Makes you wonder what took them so long.

    Also, why originally limit automatic updates to PS Plus users? That's just ridiculous and it's about time they changed it.
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Precisely, I was shocked that people were actually paying more for extra features like this that... well, don't actually sound they should be extra features at all.

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