The Unintentional Horror Game: Genre Changing Glitches

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Ah, the video game glitch.

Every gamer's worst nightmare at least, when it messes up the progress of your game. Other than, it is usually just a few seconds of creepy. And boy do I mean creepy. 

Who knew the sudden distortion of 3D polygons could be so scary? It is even scarier when it is in a game not meant to have you covering your eyes.

Despite what we may think, game developers aren't perfect and neither are the games they create which means every once in a while there will be a hiccup in the system. Unfortunately, sometimes those little hiccups turn into a 'kill it with fire' moment.

There are happy accidents and then there are 'what did I just witness accidents.' Check out these glitches that unintentionally turned our games over to the dark side. 

Published Jun. 1st 2015
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    I actually got the ship one for Black Flag. Super freaky.

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