TERA's Alliance Update Is Here Today!

Finally TERA gets the political system it deserves.

If you've been waiting for even more content to play around with in TERA, today's the day you get just that! The big Alliance patch is coming to the game today at 7AM PDT, bringing along with it a whole slew of of activities for Alliance members. Out with the vanarchs and in with the exarchs!

The number of features coming packed with this patch are so numerous it is hard to list them out here. En Masse has created a convenient guide to the Alliance system on the official site that you should definitely check out before logging on and beginning your guild master's climb to exarchy.

This new system replaces the old vanarchy, with only three top spots available. There can only be one exarch per Alliance, and the exarch is determined by an Alliance's top contributing guild. Details on contribution points and the different tiers of ranking can be found on the official guide.

This is exactly the patch that TERA players have been waiting for. The Corsairs' Stronghold added some extra fun, but the new Alliance system gives players something to work toward and compete over at all times. The old vanarchy system was okay, but this is miles beyond what TERA players have gotten thus far in terms of adding features. A win for the players, and a win for En Masse.

Published Aug. 13th 2013

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