Final Fantasy VII won't be the same as you remember it

The Final Fantasy VII Remake certainly has people talking. The project director has announced that there will indeed be changes.

After years of requests, rumors, and disappointments, Sony finally gave the fans one of the most requested games in history: Final Fantasy VII Remake

A keyword in the title was "remake." This was not going to be a simple HD makeover (thankfully, as the game was released in 1997 and HD paint would not do all that much for it). Instead, the game is receiving the full Halo: Anniversary style of remake; it's a redo from the ground up.

Remakes and re-releases are very different things and, speaking to, project director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that it will very much be a remake that we see. 

We want more than just this with an HD gloss.

When it came to definite facts, Nomura was not willing to divulge such information. He did state, however, that they are absolutely not aiming for a one-to-one remake. There are certain elements that they want to leave untouched, but bringing a game story told through text boxes to the modern gaming scene will require certain changes to be made.

Nomura does not believe that there would be much point in making the exact same game.

This argument can most certainly be looked upon favourably. We already have the Final Fantasy VII that we know and love and nothing will change that. After such a long time, and with so many advancements made since 1997, why not take the opportunity to entirely remake the whole experience? At this point, nothing but a graphical upgrade would be hugely disappointing.

Will we see a new combat system? 

How do you feel about a beloved game and integral part of gaming history being tampered with? Would your rather see a rerelease with updates, or does the idea of a full remake excite you?


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Published Jun. 23rd 2015
  • johnny nielsen
    make a remake with todays grafik but dont touch the battel system that is and still are the best ever made for a ff game. make it bigger, but dont destroy the battle idea of of applying you magig to slots in veapon and amor
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    I, for one, would love a remake. One of the most painful things, to me, about trying to play an old game on a new HD screen are the visuals. I have to wonder what other kind of changes they're thinking about making, though??
  • OrganisedDinosaur
    Totally agree. I have recently been playing some Wii games on a small TV while away in Brazil and it is so much better than playing them on a 50inch back home. Older games look rubbish on modern screens.
    I have also been wondering about possible changes... so did some speculating on the site.

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