KOF XIV's new trailer introduces Team Kim

The King of Fighters XIV's new trailer introduces Kim, Luong, and Gang-Il, who are members of Team Kim.

SNK Playmore released the 5th trailer for The King of Fighters XIV on YouTube. This newly released video consists of gameplay of Team Kim, which includes Kim, Luong, and Gang-Il.

Kim is an earnest taekwondo master who respects justice and does not tolerate the existence of evil. He continuously attacks with his kicking skills and believes that taekwondo is the strongest martial art. He tries to teach the world about this belief.

Luong is a fighter who is somewhat voluptuous and mysterious. She has created her own fighting style which is partially based on taekwondo. She uses her long legs to execute whip-like attacks against the opponent. Luong meets Kim while traveling the world and falls in love with him.

Gang-Il is the chairman of the World Taekwondo Federation, and he taught Kim about taekwondo. He is good at breaking guards with heroic moves. Unlike Kim, however, Gang-Il is not so earnest and sincere. His girlfriend changes every time he travels the world.

The King of Fighters, also referred to as KOF, is a famous fighting game series developed by SNK. The King of Fighters XIV is the most recent game of the series and is being developed for PS4. It will be released in August. Atlus USA will publish the game in North America.


Published Jun. 11th 2016

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