Population Zero Perk System Detailed

Enplex Games outlines the perk system for its upcoming survival MMO game, Population Zero, providing details on how they are acquired and what they can do.

Part of Enplex Games' stated goal for its upcoming survival MMO, Population Zero, is to "reimagine" the genre from its very core. The studio has previously showcased the game's unique art style as one way the game will distinguish itself, and a recently detailed perk system may just be another opportunity for the game to standout amidst titles like Ark: Survival Evolved and Atlas.

As players explore the world of Population Zero, known as Kepler, they will be granted perks that will allow them to "perform many actions much more effectively." This includes perks that will increase stats as well as those that will unlock new combat skills or crafting recipes.

In order to obtain these perks, players must meet certain conditions; however, they will not know exactly what these conditions are. That is, players may find that they have received a perk after doing something like killing 100 alien animals, but there will have been no previous indication that doing so would indeed unlock a perk.

Furthermore, players can assign the perks they acquire to three categories: temporary, permanent, and saved. These categories have their own distinct functionalities, and they will require players to consider what they value most for their characters.

Temporary perks have an immediate impact on a player's character, and an unlimited number can be acquired. However, these perks are lost upon death, and players will not want to keep their most prized perks in this category as a result.

Perks that a player wishes to hold onto can be assigned to the permanent category. The number of permanent perks a player can have is limited, and resources are required to make a perk permanent. These perks will not be lost when the player dies.

Saved perks also persist through death, but they do not alter a character until they are reassigned as a temporary or permanent perk. As with permanent perks, resources are required in order to save a perk.

Enplex Games has begun pre-alpha tests for Population Zero, and the company has indicated that it is open to making adjustments to the perk system based on player feedback. While the release of the title may not be imminent, these detailed systems are an opportunity for fans to get a good sense of the project before they have the chance to play it.

More details on Population Zero's perk system can be found on the game's website.


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Published Feb. 4th 2019

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