Mojang Says No to Minecraft Dungeons Online Matchmaking

You'll need to play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends and acquaintances if you don't want to go it alone.

Minecraft Dungeons is out next month on May 26. Ahead of that, we've got some new information about how Minecraft Dungeons online matchmaking will work, namely that the Minecraft-meets-Diablo spinoff won't have it.

The news comes from the game's FAQ page, which True Achievements picked up on recently.

The goal is getting people to play Minecraft Dungeons together. "Minecraft Dungeons is designed to be played together with your friends – either on a comfy couch or in a comfy online session," Mojang says.

And as the quote shows, Minecraft Dungeons still supports online play for friends. You just can't get paired up with random people. Don't forget as well that for a time, you'll need to play with friends who own the game on the same platform as you; Minecraft Dungeons crossplay isn't coming until later.

All this fits with what we already knew about how the team wants people to experience the game based on earlier Minecraft Dungeons dev diaries about level design and balance.

The Minecraft Dungeons FAQ page is on the Minecraft website, and you can check out the original story on True Achievements. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Minecraft Dungeons news as it emerges.


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Published Jun. 10th 2020

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