Sony's PS4 Pro Will Finally Be Able to Playback Video in 4K

A new update has landed on the PS4 Pro and its a big deal for any owners of the console.

One of the big selling points of Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 was its 4K capabilities, but it was a feature that couldn’t be fully accessed up until now.

Revealed recently on the PlayStation Blog, the incoming firmware patch will give the system the ability to finally playback 4K resolution MP4 files. Of course this will be on the hardware’s proprietary media player, where the video files can be played off a USB flash drive, or streamed directly from another connected source.

The update isn’t without its limitations though, as the Media Player will require you to reformat all previously attached storage devices, as previously formatted devices will not have the latest firmware for the 4K video playback.

The update does accommodate Virtual Reality media so long as you have the PlayStation VR set alongside your PlayStation 4 Pro, with VR specs clocking at a steady 1080p resolution when played.

The update is live as of Monday, the 27th for PS4 Pro owners to enjoy now.

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Published Mar. 30th 2017

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