Big Huge Games Revives with Combat-Strategy Game for Mobile

Big Huge Games is back in the studio, creating DomiNations- a combat strategy game for your mobile phone.

Big Huge Games is back in business with a new mobile game, DomiNations. DomiNations is a strategy game that follows a nation of your choice throughout all of human history. Like many strategy games, you build a city, train your army, and take over your rivals; this time, however, you must protect your city from the Stone Age to the Space Age. You will also be able to form alliances and trade with friends, raid your enemies, and defend your empire from other online players.

This game seems to have a similar mindset as Clash of Clans, but game designer Brian Reynolds disagrees. He says:

"We think of it as this developing new genre, and we have certainly taken some inspiration, but we don’t think anyone has done a ‘sweep of human history’ game in that genre yet.” Reynolds (who worked previously on Civilization II, Rise of Nations and FrontierVille) is one of the new founders of Big Huge Games.

Big Huge Games was created in 2000, but closed in 2012 due to the shut-down of its parent company, 38 Studios. Brian Reynolds and Tim Train teamed up at the previously-named NewSecretCo, which is now the more-recognizable Big Huge Games. DomiNations is the first game introduced after Big Huge Games' revival, and it will be available on iOS and Android devices in 2015. Be sure to check out its website here!


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Published Nov. 2nd 2014

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