Extra Life: The 1st Ever Southern Maine Family Game Festival

Local Maine gamers got together recently and threw a soon to be annual event in the name of charity.

My brother (Spectre Senence) and I had the opportunity to stop into the first ever Southern Maine Family Game Festival and Video Game Marathon.

The event, put together by local gamers Ryan and Julie York with the help of Shawn Wilson, was a charity event for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center.  The event took place at the Double Tree Hilton in Portland, Maine on November 2nd 2013.

The event was able to raise $4,648 by playing games for 25 hours! 

The video is a short montage of the event and includes an interview with one of the lead organizers Shawn Wilson. He tells us the story of how the event got started, and how this gathering has evolved; growing from raising a few hundred dollars to nearly $5,000. They are focused on benefitting local hospitals each year through Extra Life. He also discusses the impact of social gaming on his life. 

Keep an eye out for this next year!

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Published Nov. 5th 2013

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