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Despite the overwhelming presence of Ninja creatures in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set for Magic: The Gathering, the most useful card type in this entire set for commander format is artifacts.

These aren't just mere utilities, but combo enablers and outright game winners. Our list of the top 15 commander cards from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty includes some of the best artifacts, lands, enchantments, and of course, legendary creatures in the game.

Many of these will have an unexpected power level once broken onto the meta, so be prepared for a few surprises.

Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant

The Phyrexian cycle in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is really strong, but Jin-Gitaxias is going to have the biggest impact, especially in the Urza, Lord High Artificer lists.

It can also become a decent target in Tasigur Neoform lists, but one of the best targets for its artifact token generation would be Isochron Sceptre, which will allow you to copy even more spells.

Unfortunately, Jin-Gitaxias doesn't look like a good commander on its own due to its steep cost, but it is going to get used really well in the 99 for sure.

Boseiju, Who Endures

Here is the best land for commander format in the entire Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set, and it has a removal ability that costs you almost nothing.

Boseiju can deal with such threats like Underworld Breach, Esper Sentinel, Counterbalance, Mystic Remora, and so many others. It is also extremely hard to counter such an effect, unless you hold the right card at the right time.

It will be a great addition in such decks like Omnath, Locus of Rage, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, and even such popular lists like Gishath, Sun's Avatar and Tovolar, Dire Overlord.


Otawara, Soaring City

Here is another removal land, but this time it's blue and doesn't destroy the target, but returns it to the owner's hand. The cool part about it is that you can also protect your own creatures, when the necessity arises.

The best part about this land is that the removal effect cannot be countered with Summer Veil, since the effect comes from the colorless land, while Summer Veil only protects from blue and black effects.

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned

Here is one with spectacular value!

Hinata makes all your spells cost 1 mana less, which is super relevant for all 2-mana spells that suddenly become increasingly more castable, such as Brain Freeze, Negate, Arcane Denial, and so many others. It also makes all opponent spells more expensive, which is a definite win.

This is a truly great commander card, which can inspire a few interesting archetypes in EDH, involving a vast number of spells.


Containment Construct

This card can do a lot of things in commander format!

It is best utilized with Lion's Eye Diamond, when you can discard your hand, produce mana, and pay for one of the discarded cards, which practically turns Lion's Eye Diamond into Black Lotus, the most powerful card in MtG.

You can also channel your lands, and then put them into play right away. Your Madness cards can be utilized twice as well. As you see, the possibilities are boundless.

Lion Sash

White decks have always been struggling in such a format like EDH, but fortunately, Wizards of the Coast have been regularly printing powerful white cards for commander in the last couple of years.

Lion Sash is an example of a really pushed white card that many commander players would definitely want. On top of that, it's a cat creature, which is perfect for Cat tribal lists that also care for equipment.

Last but not least, it will see play in Heliod decks that care not only about strong white creatures, but also graveyard hate.


March of Burgeoning Life

Unlike Chord of Calling or Eldritch Evolution, this spell needs to target a card with the same name in order to search your library and put it onto the battlefield, which is impossible to do in commander format due to a single copy rule.

However, if you combine this with Spy Kit artifact, then you can cast any spell from your library, which suddenly turns March of Burgeoning Life into one of the best commander tutors ever.

You can also combine it with Rosheen Meanderer's ramp, so you can quickly get any card you wish.

Moonsnare Prototype

This one is easily comparable to Springleaf Drum, which produces colored mana by tapping creatures. Moonsnare Prototype gives you colorless mana, while also tapping artifacts.

It doesn't mean that these cards are mutually exclusive, not at all. On the contrary, you can make them work together in synergy, which can add more advantage to artifact based lists, such as Sai, Master Thopterist and Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain.

In case you decide to combo it with Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy, then it will produce twice as much mana.


Weaver of Harmony

There are several powerful lists in EDH that focus on enchantment creatures, which could be highly interested in Weaver of Harmony as a lord card, including Sythis Harvests's Hand, Pharika God of Affliction, and Estrid the Masked.

There is also a neat interaction with Jeskai Ascendancy enchantment in combination with a mana producer, where Weaver of Harmony's ability allows you to create infinite mana through tapping and untapping.

Hidetsugu Consumes All

The first chapter on this Saga is absolutely fantastic for commander players, who want to quickly get rid of all mana rocks that their opponents control.

However, the second ability may come as a bit of a nuisance for most graveyard-based decks. That's why they will either have to remove it or play it before building up their own graveyard.

But most likely, Hidetsugu Consumes All will appear in Five Color Control lists, such as Kenrith, the Returned King, where all three abilities will come in handy just right.

Atsushi, the Blazing Sky

This card offers commander players to generate infinite mana with the following combo:

  1. Play Atsushi, the Blazing Sky
  2. Play Nim Deathmantle
  3. Attach Nim Deathmantle to Atsushi, the Blazing Sky
  4. Play Ashnod's Altar
  5. Sacrifice Atsushi, the Blazing Sky, using Ashnod's Altar
  6. Generate 2 mana from Ashnod's Altar and 3 mana from treasure tokens
  7. Pay 4 mana to return Atsushi, the Blazing Sky with Nim Deathmantle attached to it
  8. Rinse and repeat steps 5-7 for infinite mana

Prosperous Thief

Ninja tribes are getting more and more popular in EDH, and Prosperous Thief is clearly getting a place in one of those decks.

The most popular choice is the Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow commander, but other options like Anowon, the Ruin Thief and Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge are also perfectly fine.

But of course, any deck that relies on Ninja and Rogue creatures will benefit from this swift little thief.

The Reality Chip

This weird artifact Jellyfish creature has an interesting combo in commander that may go unnoticed by many players, but here's how it goes:

  1. Cast any mana rock available
  2. Play Etherium Sculptor
  3. Play The Reality Chip
  4. Reconfigure The Reality Chip on Etherium Sculptor
  5. Start casting cheap artifacts from the top of your library

This combo can be highly effective in both Urza, Lord High Artificer and Galea, Kindler of Hope archetypes.

Tameshi, Reality Architect

There are many speculations in the EDH community whether this card is absolutely fantastic or deceptive. But the newest brews suggest that the card actually has a massive potential.

The main gist is that Tameshi can serve as the artifact and enchantment protector, being able to return them from the graveyard onto the battlefield.

For example, you can utilize Lion's Eye Diamond as many times as you need while you still have lands on the board, generating lots and lots of mana in the process.

Isshin, Two Heavens as One

Isshin has a simple but powerful effect that can actually do some cool things in various Mardu lists.

Combine it with Kaalia of the Vast and put two creatures from your hand onto the battlefield instead of one; with Syr Gwyn you can draw two cards instead of one; and the list goes on and on.

Isshin can also be an excellent commander, pushing other cards to their limit with its trigger ability.

That's all for the best 15 cards in MtG's Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. In addition to this list of the best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty cards for commander, be sure to check out our other MtG guides and card lists here

Published Feb. 8th 2022


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