League of Legends 2 Will Never Happen

League of Legends 2? Think again.

Directly from Riot Games, we have learned that there will never be a League of Legends 2. A sequel will never be on the cards, a company representative told Polygon earlier today.

Unlike other big PC games, Riot is opposed to creating a sequel for their game. MMOs and other PC games tend to come out with sequels and expansions, while Riot continuously updates their game for free.

 "I want my great grand-children playing this game," Riot Senior Environment Artist Brent Critchfield

According to Polygon, the game will continue to provide patches and updates in the place of full-scale sequels, with plans to continue this business strategy over a period of decades.

Despite the game's overwhelming success, the company plans on constantly updating the original League of Legends instead of creating a sequel. One of the most exciting pieces of news recently around the game has been the new updated Summoner's Rift. This is the most commonly used map played in LoL, a 5v5 team battle to destroy the enemy team's Nexus. 

Polygon also suggests that while Riot has only published one game, that new IPs may be in the works. While I was at the Game Developer's Conference I met some Rioters from their mobile team. Maybe a new mobile game or LoL app is in the works. Only time will tell!  

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Published Jun. 11th 2014

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