Halloween 2018 In Game Event Guide

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians 

  • Events: Dark Glyph, Weekly Assignment

The main Halloween event for MMEG is Trick Or Dark Glyph, which gives you immediate access to a random new dark glyph when you summon 150 creatures of 2 stars or higher.

The fastest way to farm that many 2 stars is to get epic fragments in the arena on Silver or higher, or to complete achievements in the Shattered Islands for seals and just buy epic stones directly with the discounted 3 or 9 stone packs.

Next up, the weekly assignment running through Sunday the 28th is Halloween themed and tasks you with destroying skeleton warriors. The most efficient place to farm these creatures in Tower Of Trials stage 12, where you can get 6 at a time for only 5 energy.

Published Oct. 19th 2018

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