SWTOR Livestream Introduces New Planet and Outfit Designer

Game Update 3.2 Rise of the Emperor launches April 28th

The target launch date is set for April 28th for Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 3.2: Rise of the EmperorWatching the livestream you can see what's being released in the update. Just a heads up the video does contain spoilers so if you want to be surprised don't watch it.

Ziost is the original capital planet of the Sith Empire and it is a cold and icy planet, powerful in the dark side.  First mentioned on Tatooine during the Czerka world arc, the Rakata tech allowed the Sith to expand to Ziost after thier defeat on Korriban before they disappeared from the galaxy.

With the Ziost a comes a new secret order of Jedi called the Sixth Line Jedi.  This group added a 6th line to the Jedi Code, “There is no Contemplation, there is only Duty.” 

The outfit designer was given as an idea at one of the Community Cantina from players.  It will allow a player have up to 16 different looks on your character, switching whenever you feel the need leaving your base gear the same.  It will allow you to have that special look and not have to keep ripping mods out of new armor.

Some of the other updates deal with travel:

  • All speeder points unlocked for all characters when you land on a planet.
  • Quick travel points automatically unlock as you approach
  • Quick travel cooldown reduced to 6 minutes
  • With legacy unlocks you can reduce timer to 0

Video Credit: Twitch.tv

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Published Mar. 23rd 2015

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