Nintendo Confirms Kirby: Triple Deluxe eShop Bundle; Includes Kirby's Dream Land 2

Discover hidden depths as Kirby leaps in and out of the background to explore new areas, solve puzzles, and dodge enemies.

 With Kirby: Triple Deluxe winging its way in to stores and eShop in Europe on the 16th of this month--already out in North America--Nintendo of Europe has announced an incentive to try suck you in to choose digital download over retail boxed version. Those who opt for the eShop version between the 16th of May and 13th of July can get free copy of the Game Boy classic Kirby's Dream Land 2 on Virtual Console. Is this retro treat enough to tempt you to go digital?

Europe Sucks Up A Retro Treat


My thoughts : You could probably shop around and buy the game cheaper at retail as a boxed copy. But is the convenience of always having it on your handheld and that nice little Retro treat of Kirby's Dream Land 2 enough of an incentive to go for the eShop digital version instead? Personally I nearly always choose the boxed copy over digital, but when there are free games and offers such as this, it's worth thinking over. That's for you to decide: what's best for you? 

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Published May. 6th 2014

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