Wanna play a game about playing games? Pro Gamer Manager lets you have your own eSports team

This is about gamer playing a video game that's managing professional video game players who were a gamer.

It's finally happened -- a casual eSport management simulation game about managing professional video game players has been released. In Pro Gamer Manager, players will be managing a MOBA or FPS eSport team. According to the description from developer Raptor Claw Games, it goes a little something like this:

Work your way up as a gamer, choose your role and position. Build and manage your own pro gaming team. Carry hard or get rekt as a leader of a professional eSport organisation. You are in the hot-seat, where every decision will be crucial in your bid for victory in this eSport management tycoon!

Player phase

Manager phase

In another word, players will start out as an eSport player. When the players' reputation increases to a certain level and they become an international eSport star, they can recruit their own teammates. Then, players and their teams will compete in local or even worldwide competitions. The game flow can be separated into two phases of increasing personal fame and gaming skill toward the beginning and then human resources and financial capital management toward the end. 

Basically, that's what it is 

Like NBA 2K16 for basketball and FIFA 2015 for soccer, eSports finally have their own sport simulation game. Pro Gamer Manager is downloadable in Steam and their official website and playable for Windows operating system. 

Published May. 10th 2016

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